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Monday, April 29, 2013

fun with grandma!

grandma cathy came to visit me this past weekend!  it was pretty much any girls dream weekend...i got to go to the zoo for the first time, spent lots of time at the park, got to eat lots of delicious food that mama and dada normally don't give me, and she even showed me how to blow bubbles in my water (i can't do it quite yet, but it was hilarious to watch her)!
come back soon g'ma!  i miss you already!!
lots of love!
mom, i am pretty sure i can do EVEN this big slide all by myself!
but i'll let you come cause i know you enjoy it!
poor me, isn't it obvious that nobody loves me??
g'ma teaching me to blow bubbles in water!
when it splashed my face i thought it was HILARIOUS!
are you SUREEEE you like this headband?
i am not too sure yet!
my FIRST zoo trip!
haha, i made g'ma be the snake...she HATES snakes!
i am pretty sure dada has NO IDEA there is a camel behind us.  TRICKS!
guys, what is this thing coming at me???
an anteater!!! my new most FAVORITE animal!
mama, can we take him home??  PLEASEEEE!

loving all these crazy animals!
my dada is the best!
whoaaaa!  that's dada over there!
the girls!
my FIRST popsicle!
gotta get EVERY last drop!
this thing is DELICIOUS!
and this is what happens when my popsicle is all gone :(
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