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Monday, March 31, 2014

reesey is two!

i am officially a big two year old!
i would like to make it known that i wish every day could be my birthday...we had the most fun day!!!  both mama and dada took the day off to spend with their super special lil' lady (that's me in case i lost you!!!).
when i woke up i had mickey mouse pancakes waiting for me with TWO candles...what a start to the day!  i guess they actually did listen since i talked about candles for weeks leading up to my birthday...sometimes a girl just wants to know she is being heard!!!  candles and balloons are all i needed to be a super happy birthday girl.
then the day just kept getting better...we got to spend the morning at the children's museum and the afternoon opening lots of super fun presents from all my wonderful family.   you guys sure know how to make a girl feel loved, that is for sure!
then we ended the day with my favorite meal of mac&cheese with hot dogs followed by a cupcake with ANOTHER CANDLE.
how much more perfect of a day could a girl ask for???
oh, and to top it all off my mama and dada sang happy birthday to me at least 10 times throughout the day because it made me smile an ear-to-ear smile each and every time that they couldn't get enough of.
happy happy birthday to meeeeeee!
i am happy.  i am loved.  i am two.
lots of love!

*pictures of my mickey party coming REAL soon, so stay tuned!

mickey mouse pancakes to start the day!

children's museum!
bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!!!

opening presents!!!
i loved each and every one!

i took time to read every card and play with every present...
see mama and dada I am not crazy ALL the time (just 90%!)

presents from mama and dada!

look at that concentration...

my new bike!
i cannot wait to roam the streets of c-town with this bad boy!

happy birthday to meeeee!

i got really good at blowing these out
(i mean i did have 4 or 5 chances throughout the day to practice!)

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