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Friday, February 22, 2013

11 months old!

can you believe that i am eleven months old??  i sure am having lots and lots of fun!  i am walking ALL OVER the place now, and while it is super fun it has caused me to get my first black eye and my first scraped chin...but it is worth some bumps and bruises to be a mobile lady.
right now i love to sing 'old macDonald', dance to any and everything, give great big hugs and really wet kisses, and laugh whenever i realize someone is laughing at me.  i really hate wearing socks and shoes and find a way to get them off as soon as mom and dad turn their back!
grandma cathy, papa dave, and uncle joey came to visit this past weekend!  and it was so much fun to see them!  poor me though...nobody really paid me any attention :(
lots of love!

ready for my CLOSE up!
yayyyyy!  i love love love to clap!
so proud of myself for walking!
thanks Uncle Joey, Aunt Ashley, Maddie, and Anderson for my new stool...i obviously am not a fan!
what?  i am not on a roller coaster?  ok, but it is still fun to pretend!
see the remnants of my first black eye???  wish i had a good story that made me seem real tough...but i just tripped and fell into something.
walk walk walk...i am a busy girl
loveee to ride my new bike!  dad pushes me real fast and i can't get enough!
hmmm...i guess i can show you since it is all true this time
all about me at 11 months!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy heart day!!!

happy valentines day everyone!  mom made me some fun valentines day props and shirt, and we did a little photo shoot when we were snowed in over the weekend.  i was so intrigued with the props though that i didn't really want to look at the camera...oh well...i'm still super cute, right???
hope your day is filled with lots of love.
big kiss from me to you.
lots of love.

hmmm....what is this thing???

guys i am still not really sure what you want me to do...

are you looking for a little something like this??

ohhhh i get it!  this is getting fun!!!!

there has to be a way i can tear this apart!  just give me a minute

mom, i was kidding!  i promise i won't tear it apart if you will just let me back out of my crib!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

why so glum sugar plum?

since i last wrote you...i have been having lots and lots and lots of fun.  my personality keeps coming out, and i think it is safe to say i am quite the lil ham!  i love to make my parents laugh...and then when i realize they are laughing at me i flash really big cheesy smiles (like you will see in the pictures below).
i love to babble all the time, and also love to read myself books.
my top two teeth have come through, and i am now taking steps all by myself!  BIG BIG changes as i close in on my first birthday.
lots of love!

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