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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

lots of fun!

i have been having lots and lots of fun!  this whole thing called 'spring' is pretty amazing.  i was too young to remember last spring, but this year i am loving every second!  
i got to celebrate mom's day with my mama, and she spent most of the day telling me how lucky she was to have me as a daughter!  not a bad day at all :)  dada and i did the best we could to spoil her all day!
i have also had lots of fun at daycare and just being outside!
i'll be back with another post real soon, as i just got back from ohio!  got to see lots of family and had a great time!
lots of love!
our mom's day collage!
had my first picture day at is exhausting being that cute.  phew, definitely a four soothie evening!
ohhh i get why they call it tennis elbow now!!!
mis-match day at daycare!  i can even rock THIS outfit!
what?  popsicles in the bath is not normal??
oh man!  i can never remember if i am supposed to paint the paper or my face...that's a toughie!
picnic in the boston common with mama and dada!
oh no!  my hands are dirty (i hate dirty hands)!
phew!  thanks for the napkin!  i love to wash my hands!
first sip of lemonade!  DELICIOUS!
oh you guys are NOT going to get this away from me!
yep, this is pretty much me!  'all-in' and 'full-go' all the time!!!
me and mama
my dada is sooo funny!
bye bye for now!  see you soon!
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