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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my mickey mouse birthday party!

well long overdue...but here are the pictures from my mickey mouse birthday party!  it was such a special day.  mama & dada sure put lots of love into all the preparation for it, and i felt like one lucky lil girl!!!
gracie, ben, will, evelyn, and bella all come to celebrate with me...we played and ate and played and ate.  they are my best buddies, and i was so happy to celebrate with them!
i will say it again...i wish every day could be my birthday.  BUT until next year i will just have to remember the fabulously fun party below!

my mickey invites!

put on your's time for cheers!

mama even sent ME one in the mail...
and i was smitten when i saw it!

relaxing before the big party...
sometimes you just needs a moment with your soothie giraffe!

every girl needs to accessorize!!!

in case anyone forgot why they were coming...
it was to celebrate MOI!

entry way...
come inside it's fun inside!

yes it was lots of fun...if i do say so myself!

welcome to reesey's clubhouse!

mama's chalkboard celebrating my second year!

the food consisted of all my favorites:
Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs, Hot Diggity Dogs; Pluto's Pizza; Minnie's Macaroni & Cheese;
Donald's "Quack"ers and Cheese; Figaro's Fruit Salad; Goofy's Gulp Station; and Daisy's Dessert Table

dessert table!

mickey and minnie make me smile!

my cake!

Donald's "Quack"ers & Cheese

Goofy's Gulp Station

our "handy helpers" and "silly sippers"

the kids table!

personalized cups, mickey/minnie headbands, and stickers for all my friends!

pinwheel banner!

me and my dada all ready to PARTY!!!

can you tell that i am quite a fan of this guy?
he is the best!

me and mama!


TWO sure looks pretty darn cute!

just waiting for my friends to arrive!

me two years ago...and me now!
the good thing is...i am still as adorable as ever :) 

so remember how i said all i needed were candles and balloons to be happy...
well i got my balloons!

i am one happy birthday girl...
and i haven't even gotten my presents yet!

me and bella (our downstairs neighbor)...
i think she is pretty great!

whoaaaaa, more candles and singing?!?
sign me up!


lil' girl talk with gracie....
gotta catch up on the gossip!

my best buddies!
(best picture you can get of five 2 year olds)
thanks to you all for coming!!! mwaaah!

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