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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

hippity hop...Easter has come and gone!

this Easter was SO much fun!  i got to go to my first Easter Egg hunt (well not really a hunt, but more like 4,000 eggs laid out on a football field with hundreds of kids lined up waiting to run and get as many as possible)...and i loved it!  i had so much fun running with the other kids and i even got 11 eggs!  ummmm and did you know that they fill them with chocolate?!?  pure heaven...that is what that is.  i am officially a choco-holic, and now wake up telling mama and dada that 'i need chocolate' (not want but need).  they don't seem to believe me, but i will keep trying.
i also got to color easter eggs for the first time, and they turned out so pretty....until mama dropped them all!  i am gonna keep that one in my back pocket for the next time i break something...
then the Easter bunny came!  he brought me such amazing stuff and even hid 6 eggs with different shapes in the condo JUST LIKE ON MICKEY.  it is like he knows me even though i may not want to get within 20 feet of him in person i am really a fan of him now.
hope you all had a super fun Easter too!
lots of love!

arriving to my FIRST easter egg hunt!

scoping out my competition!

mama and i strategizing for the best approach!

ok, thanks mama...i got it!
on your mark...get set...GO REESEY GO!

checking out my loot!

woo hoo!  not too bad....ELEVEN eggs!

yea, this is definitely as close as i would even think about getting to him!
like him from afar but after Santa i think i will sit this one out.

Easter Bunny....i am keeping my eye on you!
no sneaking up on me!

and that's a wrap for my first easter egg hunt!
can't wait to do it again next year!

TRYINGGG to be very patient while mama and dada prep the Easter eggs!
(not my strong suit)

uhhh, dada i am pretty sure i can take this from here!
thanks for the lesson, but i am pretty quick learner...
what i got out of your tutorial is squeeze as much color as i can onto a single egg!  correct?

i wanted to RUB RUB RUB really hard to make sure the color soaked into the egg...
apparently that is NOT the right approach with eggs!  who knew?!?

ok, i think i am getting this now!

feeling confident in my craftiness!

finished product!
(BEFORE mama dropped them all...wonder where i get my clumsiness?!)

look what the Easter Bunny brought!

oh boy!!!
maybe that bunny is ok after all!

my note from my new friend!
see it doesn't take much (just chocolate) to get on my good side.

thanks grandma pam for my super great minnie basket!
you know what this girl loves.

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