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Friday, June 7, 2013

what's round on the end and high in the middle? ohio!

we got to go to ohio for a long weekend, and boy was it fun!  quite the whirlwind...saw lots and lots of fabulous family and friends.  we bounced from columbus to senecaville and back again.  i got to go to a new park, have some cookouts, eat lots of popsicles (and a bunch of other food i don't normally get...ummm hello french fries, i love you!), see my first campfire, and just enjoy all the wonderful people i am lucky enough to call family!
we even got a super special visit from our family in west thankful i finally got to meet them as i have heard so many great things about them all for so long!
thanks to everyone for spoiling me, and i sure hope to see you all real real real soon!
g'pa Bill picked us up!

wasted no time getting to a park!  they know what i like!

fun new slides...shockingly i had no fear and just went down them ALL!
g'pa is a really good pusher!

mini mozart in training!
did i mention a super cute mini mozart???
four generations of dada's family!
hanging with my cousins!  looks like maddie was telling a super great story (big Al and I were intrigued)!
us girls sure had lots of fun!
we even got some super special visitors from west virginia and cleveland!
what a crew!  love them all!
me and aunt sara!  she helped me clean up the rocks!
cocoa and i on a safari!  lead the way ol' girl!
a bucket of water is really all you need to have fun in life!  (and a g'ma and big al also help!)

big girls look so refined...what happened with you??
thanks cocoa for letting me have a rest on your bed!
oh no!  looks like anderson got his daddy's cool gene...poor guy doesn't stand a chance!

this is the difference between a belly with one serving of mac and cheese (big al) and one with three helpings (mine)!  i love food, what can i say???
g'ma and i looking at the birds!
my tongue is hilarious!  who knew all the sounds and faces you could make with it???
the fam!  in our memorial day red, white, & blue!
g'ma pam!  and that's a wrap for this trip...back to boston for this chica!  thanks everyone for a super fun trip!
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