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Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy heart day!!!

happy valentines day everyone!  mom made me some fun valentines day props and shirt, and we did a little photo shoot when we were snowed in over the weekend.  i was so intrigued with the props though that i didn't really want to look at the camera...oh well...i'm still super cute, right???
hope your day is filled with lots of love.
big kiss from me to you.
lots of love.

hmmm....what is this thing???

guys i am still not really sure what you want me to do...

are you looking for a little something like this??

ohhhh i get it!  this is getting fun!!!!

there has to be a way i can tear this apart!  just give me a minute

mom, i was kidding!  i promise i won't tear it apart if you will just let me back out of my crib!

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