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Monday, October 22, 2012

7 months old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  i am officially 7 months old....but i like to think i am a woman wise beyond my months!
i am now saying 'da-da' and 'ba-ba' all the teachers at daycare think i am going to be a public speaker because i pretty much babble all the time.  maybe by this time next month mom will be able to say 'ma-ma' is in my repertoire.
here are some pics that mom and dad took on my birthday.  i am getting really squirmy, which makes it really funny to watch them try to get good pics of me.  ohhh how i keep them on their toes!  good thing i am so darn cute and can get away with it.
lots of love!

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  1. Happy Birthday Reese!!!! You are just too cute for words! And I loooove the chevron ottoman!