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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

celebrating my dada!

as most of you dada is pretty much the most amazing guy EVER!  so i was very excited to get to celebrate him for not one, but TWO days for fathers day and his birthday!
mama and i worked real real real hard to decorate his gifts.  i was quite the lil' artist if i must say so myself.  i decided to spread the paint with my bum (then i sat all over the hardwood floors just to decorate the house as thought it was beautiful, right mama??).
we spoiled him with some great meals, went to the bunker hill day parade, and just got to spend the day enjoying our fun lil' family.
happy fathers day and birthday dada!  i love you so very much and am so lucky to have you as my dad.  
getting ready to decorate my masterpiece!
looking good if i must say so myself!
final touches, this takes lots of concentration to get it JUST right!
all done!
decorated this one with crayons!
lucky for me dada got the present...but he left me the box!
all dressed up for my favorite guy!
enjoying the parade!
snuggle snuggle!
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