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Sunday, July 7, 2013

happy birthday america!

i have had a really good couple of weeks.  grandma cathy came to visit, and i loved having her here.  she definitely spoils me lots, and i can't say that i mind one bit.
then this past weekend we had a lot of fun celebrating america's birthday!  we had a cookout and my besties ben and grace came over.  we had lots of fun...but boy was it hot!  thank goodness for the water table and air conditioning because more and more it is becoming apparent that i am just like my mama and do NOT enjoy being hot one bit (but then again who really enjoys 95 degrees with crazy humidity...nobody i know!).
grandma teaching me how to blow bubbles!
(and in case you are wondering this is in b&w because my outfit was a bit of a mis-matched mess...oops!)
so proud of myself!  go bubbles go!
happy birthday america!  (thanks grandma for my outfit!)
what??  you didn't hear me...i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!
snack time!
soooo proud of this belly!  i work hard to keep this figure!
i help mama and dada water these flowers every night...i am doing a great job if i do say so myself!
i watch mama pick off the dead flowers and throw them over the edge...and i help by doing the same (just one difference, i pick all the alive flowers because they are much prettier...i think mama really appreciates the help!)
me throwing those pretty flowers over the edge...just like mama!
waiting for my friends!
pool party!  (ok, ok more of a water table party...but c'mon we can't actually swim yet!)
me and ben....trying to beat the heat
patriotic bunch we are...ben was pretty pumped that he was allowed to wave a stick around!
grace and i didn't think it was quite as exciting...boys they are so weird!
me and grace winding down the day with some reading time!
whew!  that was a super fun but really exhausting day...i am pooped!

hope you all are having a great summer too!
lots of love!
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