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Sunday, August 25, 2013

duck, duck, goose!

we have been lucky here in boston to have had two picture perfect weather weekends in a row.  i mean absolutely gorgeous.  so mama, dada, and i have been out and about in our beautiful city even more than normal.
i can officially call myself a boston girl because on saturday we went down to the boston common and i  fell in love with the 'make way for ducklings' statue.  i am pretty sure it is a right of passage around here to be accepted, and lucky for me...initiation complete!  i don't know how you couldn't love it...i took the time to sit on each and every duck...and some of them two or three times.  then we got to see lots of real ducks and i was pretty much in heaven!  
i hope you enjoy the pics and that you all are enjoying the end of summer as much as we are.
i will have a couple more posts coming soon to share some of our other fun recent adventures!
lots of love!
dada, look there is a duck over there!
oh my goodness!  oh my goodness!  she is coming RIGHT at me!
mama, i am pretty sure all the ducks are over there!
see, i told ya!  i am one smart cookie!
quack quack!
ohh mrs. mallard you have nothing on me!  i can make a mean duck face too!!  umm...why is he not chasing me??
this game seems to be made for them!
i think this one is my favorite!  can we take him home, pleaseeee?
getting brave...sitting on mrs. mallard!
question!  question over here.
i have been sitting here patiently and was wondering when this train
is actually going to move.  
mama, is this the kind of smile you were hoping for??
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