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Friday, August 9, 2013

family vacation 2013

wanted to share some pics from our family vaca to lake michigan!  we rented a house there for a week with gramma cathy, papa dave, uncle dave, aunt sara, sophie, eli, uncle joey, aunt ashley, madelyn, and anderson.  we sure are super lucky to call all those amazingly fabulous people family!
despite a stomach bug being passed around the entire family (except wonder woman gramma cathy!), we had lots and lots of fun.  we hiked up sand dunes (well more like i got carried up while dada worked real real real hard), had ice cream, got to play in the sand / water, and just be together.
mama and dada thought i may be scared of the water this time since it was my first time seeing water like that since i was 4 months old...but as soon as i saw it i got excited and went right towards it (i hadn't even changed into my bathing suit yet!).  i went right in, and a wave came and soaked me.  everyone thought for sure that would change my opinion of the water, but instead i just giggled and went right back for more.  lil' daredevil i am!
it was an amazing week, and i cannot wait to see my family again real soon!
lots of love!
traveling light isn't really an option anymore!
hello beach...i have arrived!
whoaaaaa!  this looks like lots of fun!
aunt sara and me
i just went for it...straight into the water in my clothes!
ok, ok i guess it is time to change.
give a girl her privacy!
cutie pie cousins!
awwww!  aren't we cute!?!
soph, maddie, and me!
check out this beach body!!!
we made it up the dune!  wowsers that thing was HUGE.
girl on the go...always!
ahhh, this is glorious!
yay!  wake board riding in the sand!  go gramma go!
ok big al i will let you ride with me, but keep your distance!
um yea, like i said...distance please!
yep, that looks like just about the perfect amount of distance!
mi familia!
whew!  what work on this hike...
oh wait dada carried me the whole time, never mind!
uncle joey and big al!
me and mama!
the LeMond clan
soph and maddie!
me and gramma!
he is just as ornery as me!
maddie claire and uncle joey!
my cutie pie grandparents!
loving life!
dada, look a DUCK!
double swing...big al why do you look tight on space?? i got lots on this side!
i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
gorgeous sunset over lake michigan
booo, goodbyes!
they are never fun :(
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