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Thursday, October 3, 2013

fall is here!

well fall is officially here, and that means one picking!!!!  we went a couple weekends ago, and we had perfect weather.  i had so much fun...i mean pretty much any activity that means i get to have endless snacks for the entire day sounds like a dream come true.
last year when we went i was only 6 months old, and i pretty much slept through a majority of it...but this year i was all in!  i helped pick both apples & pears, got to go on a hayride (on which i waved like i was miss america to anyone that was walking by), and i even got to see goats, pigs, sheep, bunnies, and lots of pumpkins.
it was the perfect start to fall!
get ready to see oodles of super cute pics!
lots of love!
me and mama starting the day on a hayride!
the fam!
keeping an eye out on the hayride for ANYONE I can wave to!
dada, PLEASE take me up that ladder!
PLEASE really is the magic word...i didn't think i would really be allowed up here!
pretty cool!
i am on the hunt for some apples and pears!
might i say this apple picking outfit may be the cutest thing ever!
ahhhh, look guys!!!  i found one!
yayyyy, my first one!  this is fun!
ummm, ok now it is AMAZING!
i thought finding them was great, but who knew i got to eat them?!?
yea, we can stay here awhile!
on to apples!  i may as well sit down...
i have a feeling i could nibble on this for awhile!
i am pretty sure i could stay here forever!
thanks for the lift dada!
i can't wait the whole way til the ground for a bite!
MUST take one NOW!
are you starting to get the idea of how much i loved this fruit?!?
life is good!
hi piggy!
vroom vroom!  papa dave will be proud!
yowsers!  this is a lot of pumpkins!
i found it guys!  this one right here!
or this one may be it!  if only i could move it!  i have my mama's strength.
happy fall everyone!
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  1. OMG stop the cuteness!!! The sayings, the OUTFIT! So adorabs!