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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

way to go sox!

as you all know (well maybe except for big Al, as he is a bit oblivious to world happenings)…the red sox are the 2013 world champions!  woo hoo!  it sure is a great time to be a boston girl (papa dave i am pretty sure it is time for you to convert to a sox fan)!
mama and dada took me to the parade to celebrate their championship, and it was a super fun day with absolutely perfect weather.   i loved walking there and tried to find every leaf pile i could to crunch through…i may have exerted a bit too much energy as i wasn't quite able to stay awake to see the parade (but it was a fair trade in my opinion...after all, when you live in boston there is always next year to see another parade…haha)!
gotta say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to uncle jojo!  hope you have lots of fun and i can't wait to see you in a couple weeks.
lots of love!
crunching leaves is one of my new most favorite things!

oh and running through them is pretty great too!

especially when dada is waiting at the other end!

snacks…the only way i will be happy waiting 2 hours for a parade to start!

waving to my fans…then my parents told me that everyone was not there to see me….
i was heartbroken!

me and mama resting…
i MAY have been getting a lil sleepy!

ahhh, just what i need to stay awake for the parade!

that should do the trick!
(don't worry guys it was empty)
so much for caffeine!
i feel asleep before the first duck boat hit the water!

boston sure loves their soxs!

here they all come!

gorgeous fall back drop!

jon lester and jake peavy!

this is for dada….he is a xander fan!

big papi! MVP!
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