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Thursday, November 7, 2013

happy halloween!

happy halloween everyone!  i hope you all had as much fun as i did.
during the week leading up to halloween i got to paint pumpkins AND we used my handprints to carve a super cute 'reesey inspired' pumpkin!  you know i am a girl who loves all things messy...however when mama opened that pumpkin the first time i couldn't believe what i saw in there!  i wanted nothing to do with that 'goo' in the beginning, but of course after mama and dada started digging in i couldn't resist...and i have to admit, i loved it!
i had everyone worried up til the VERY end that i wouldn't wear my costume (i wouldn't let them put it on me AT ALL leading up to the big day)….mwah hahaha!  sometimes it is fun to keep them guessing!  however, once i got to daycare and everyone told me how cute i looked in it, i had to oblige (for their sake, i could tell they really wanted to see me in it….i am selfless like that and like to please others)!
i got to walk in the daycare parade, go to the charlestown parade, and even trick-or-treat on the walk home!  i had so much fun picking out my candy from each bowl…i took those decisions serious and really studied all my options before committing!  i even managed to say 'thank you' as i walked away (most of the time at least).
i still held out on saying 'quack quack' (c'mon i wore the costume, what more do you expect???).
it was a super fun day and i was one pooped lil ducky by the end of it!
lots of love!

my handprint pumpkin!
i should definitely use orange on an orange pumpkin!
(looking back this was not my best decision)
starting my masterpiece!
(notice we switched to white…good thing for a plan b!)
a true artist knows you gotta work the angles to make your vision come alive!
starting to look like a real masterpiece!
one final touch and….
ummm dada…what do you think you are doing?
ok, now as i way saying….one final touch and...
scooping out pumpkin goo!
good thing i gave it a shot…pumpkin goo makes this girl SMILE!
this thing is so fun i am taking it with me!
(and yes uncle jojo…i am already stronger than mama)
arriving at daycare on halloween morning…
still keeping everyone guessing if i am gonna be a duck!
loving my duck feet, but still not feeling the hat!
ohhhh, you all think i am adorable???
ok, ok i can wear it just for YOU!
quack quack from the cutest lil duck you will ever see!
my first trick-or-treat stop!
i caught on quick that if i put it in my mouth i get to take it home….
this lil ducky is pooped…
time for some dinner and snuggles!
on and one more thing mama and dada…lets not do this next year.
in case you can't tell…i am no longer a fan!
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