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Monday, January 6, 2014

ho ho ho...happy holidays!

happy new year to everyone!  i hope you had a great Christmas...i know i did!
we got to go to ohio and see lots of family, then santa left me some 'superprises' in Boston for when we returned (i was glad to see that he could put aside our less-than-friendly meeting and still rewarded me for being such a good girl...that santa guy isn't all bad afterall).
what a difference a year makes...last year i opened presents just for the fun of ripping the paper without caring what was inside, but this year i got so excited about every gift that i didn't care about opening the others.  needless to say, it took us a day and a half to open all my presents because i needed adequate time in between to play with each and every new toy.
i also learned lots of new things during my time of with my mama and dada.  i can now count to 10 (six and seven still get skipped every now and then, but give a girl a break!), i learned to make cutout cookies, i learned how to spin too much and make myself dizzy (now that is FUN), and i also learned that i am a very lucky girl to have such a great family to spend time with!
i hope all of your holidays were just as special and magical as mine!
lots of love.

getting all FANCY in my christmas earrings!

ready to go to Ohio!
i have mickey and giraffe, so i am set!

zoo lights!

surrounded by some super special peps!

my special delivery on christmas eve!

it was christmas jammies and a new christmas book!

ummm, loveeee is an understatement for these new slippers!

me and will chowing down!
we both understand the idea that food is more important than conversation!

work it, own it, flaunt it!

maybeeeee i am a bit excited for christmas tomorrow!!!!

teaching uncle brett all about hello kitty!
he is now a fan, i am persuasive like that!

opening my stocking at grandma pam and grandpa dave's house!

ariel's castle!
i didn't know who ariel was before christmas,
but now i ask to watch her EVERY SINGLE DAY :)

will, chase, and me

the fam on christmas day!

home sweet home with all my friends!
(i just laid in here for a good 20 minutes once we got back...
sometimes a girl just needs a moment with her thoughts)
thank you santa!
my choo choo train from santa!

mama's wrapping!

daisy to complete my mickey mouse clubhouse set!
i am already pretty sure this is already the best stocking ever!
ummm, there were also matchbox cars
which means it was MOST definitely the best stocking ever!

notice the great present opening form!?!
(one leg tucked ready to jump up with excitement when i see what i actually got!)

reading my new book with dada!

sizing up the best approach...

ahhh, ok i am getting the hang of this!
not so hard after all if you walk right up to the pins and drop the ball!
this, my friends, is what you call focus...
it is very important to scout out the best available dough spot!
(often times it turns out to be halfway on one you just cutout...that is ok, just go wherever the wind takes you)
awww, lil' reesey hands!

now the magic happens!
you actually get to lick the frosting while decorating...

have you ever seen a more perfect cookie??
i didn't think so!  

ummm, no mama i didn't swipe some frosting!
why do you ask??

i made my choice!
i want THIS ONE!

umm, yea i don't think so guys!
better luck next year!
merry merry christmas!!!

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