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Monday, February 17, 2014

mishmash of reesey!

i wanted to fill you all in on what has been happening in the life of reesey (that's me!).  
valentine's day was pretty great...i am in love with hearts right now so this holiday seems to be made just for me!!!
this time i am going to let the pictures speak for themselves because there are a lot!!!
lots of love!

let's just say i have gotten lots of use out of my winter gear this year!

waiting for my FIRST swim class!

this swimming thing is pretty fun!

i am pretty much an olympian...
when it comes to searching out ducks in the pool!

got it!
see that determination on my face!

ummm, first time going under!
not real sure why mama thought that was necessary...

still love to CHEESE it up!!!

decorating mama's birthday cake!

birthday cuddles!

mama and dada even went out for mama's birthday...
why they would ever want to leave me is beyond me but to each their own!

can you tell my mama grew up in the 80's???
where are my leg warmers?

practicing my penmanship...
i have almost graduated to cursive!

grace turned 2!
and she has the most fun mickey party!!!

i was quite the fan of the balloons!
(she even let me bring two home...score!)
just call me a 'party girl'...blame my mama!
my new valentine's outfit from grandma!
what can i say...i was ADORABLE!

i love my new valentines book from mama & dada,
but i was VERY worried about goose (he was sad and needed a hug!)

pretty enamored with my new stickers from grandma & papa!

yea this may be the longest i have ever stood still!

my valentines!
homemade play-doh with the sayings
"DOH" you want to be my valentine?
I think you are a-DOH-able!

valentines for my teachers!

hand lotion and the saying is:
'You deserve a hand...for being such a great teacher!  Thank you for all you do!'
and i even traced my own hand for them!

when you are this cool, shades are necessary even when indoors!

the tunnel was the only thing not covered in snow!
i may have gone back forth a FEW times.

snow walk!
mama laughed when i fell at least a dozen times...
glad i could entertain her!

gracie came to play today and we sure have lots of fun together!
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