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Sunday, March 31, 2013


well our easter didn't go quite as planned.  dada got called away for work on friday and had to be gone all weekend, so it was just me and mama.  we missed him lots, but we still managed to have tons of fun!  the weather was amazing which meant TWO trips to the park...woo hoo!
i also had these bunny ear clips that i wore for three days in a row...i gotta admit i made sooo many friends everywhere we went because i looked so stinkin cute.  and shockingly i let them be for the most part...i like to prove mom wrong every now and again just to keep her on her feet!
the easter bunny came and brought me some super fun goodies...and i even got to eat my first reese's cup (homemade ones from grandma cathy)!  and i must say i am so glad that i share a name with them because they are delicious!
hope you all had a great easter and that the easter bunny found you wherever you may have been!
lots of love!

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  1. Hoppy Easter Reesey!!! You make a pretty darn cute bunny! xo