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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

swinging & sliding!

things are great in the world of reesey!  i am getting ready for my first birthday party this weekend!  mom is still in denial that i am already turning one, but she is still throwing me a lil' party with a few of my besties.  i just keep hearing that i get to try this thing called cake...if it is even close to as delicious as cheese i am in!
we had a lot of fun at the park last weekend...i am quite the lil dare devil and went down the big slide all by myself!  i don't really seem to be scared of much, and think the higher and faster the better!
i'll post pics of my party real soon...and until then enjoy my videos & pics.
lots of love!
it was so fun i wanted to turn around and go again...but i learned going up is much harder than going down!

how about a lil' hand here to get back to the top???

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