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Sunday, March 10, 2013

& my first birthday party! &

i just had the BEST weekend EVER!  i had my first birthday party, and it was so much fun.  i had a polka dot and pinwheel theme, and got to celebrate with my was perfect!
i also got to eat cake for the first time...and while it tasted pretty good i had way more fun smashing it and making a BIG OL' mess.
thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with i am looking forward to my actual birthday on wednesday!  mom and dad are taking the day off and we are going to have lots of family fun.  hopefully it will be nice and we can go to the park, but no matter what we do it will be great...i mean after all it is a day to celebrate me, and what could be better than that??
lots of love from the ALMOST one year old!

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  1. O

    This party is INSANLY AMAZEBALLS MAJ cute!!!! But Reese takes the cake for the cutest thing!!!!!!! Soooo sooo lucky! xo